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Name:Casey Tracey
Location:New York, United States of America


First and foremost, Casey hates his full name. And he never really forgave his parents for sticking him with it. That being said, there's a lot he never forgave his parents for and the name is just barely scratching the surface. Casey grew up in a small, cramped apartment with two older brothers, Adam and Raymond, and a sister named Lisa. Financial issues were always a problem in his family. Casey's father worked several jobs to support the family and as a result they never spent much time with him. His father was a man Casey grew up admiring; he was tough, wise, and wouldn't let anything get to him. He seemed indestructible to Casey. But at the same time he resented him for how little time he spent with the family. And when he was actually home, he was distant. He was the kind of guy who would rather show his love for his family by working six jobs and bringing home food than giving his kids a hug, or tossing a baseball around. And Casey never understood that. He grew up craving his father's recognition, his attention. To a point where he began acting out in school in a desperate attempt to get his father to stop for two minutes and pay attention to him. But his father was a busy man, and so most of the time when Casey got in trouble his mother would deal with the matter. His mother, in Casey's words, "is a goddamn tight ass". She didn't ask for much in life; living in a small apartment in New York wasn't her dream, but she was okay with that. All she asked for was that her family grow up in a loving environment and that her kids strive to be the best they could be.

She grew very, very frustrated with Casey's acting out. She was a strict woman, to the point where her kids would find it far too overbearing. She was the disciplinary, the rule enforcer -- she had to be, with her husband always working. Because of this there was no room for her to be fun, as she saw it, and so this put a big strain on her relationship with her kids. Namely, Casey, who was the second most rambunctious of the group. Casey had grown this desperate need for approval, and his older brother Raymond just happened to always be there to enable him. Raymond was a troublemaker; he fell in with the wrong crowd at school, drank, dabbled in drugs, ect. He was rebellious, and Casey identified with him the most. So naturally he followed him around, and eventually fell in with the same crowd. He got into a lot of trouble with the law and even got arrested a couple of times. Their mother saw this and eventually, when all her pleas and punishments fell through, she kicked Raymond out and sent him to live with a relative in other state in order to save Casey from going down the same path as his brother. This caused the already big rift between Casey and his mother to grow. And his father hadn't been happy that she made this decision without him either. This is when their fighting began, their marriage seeming to decay from that point on. Lisa couldn't take it, and being the second oldest as soon as she was able she fled the nest and moved out of the city. Adam and Casey remained. But when Casey turned seventeen, well, he became more of a little shit. See, he still hung around with the same crowd even after Raymond left. His older brother was pretty popular so all his old friends decided to keep him around, saying they'd "treat him like their own. Ray would have wanted that". Casey felt accepted, and so he went along with whatever they did. He would get involved with drug dealing, doing illegal favors for these guys and generally being treated like a tool. But Casey went along with it because he always felt like he needed people to guide him. He needed approval. And he needed to be needed.

Adam, being a generally smart and level headed individual, always warned Casey that he'd get in serious trouble if he didn't stop hanging around those people. But Casey ignored him much like he ignored his mother, though as far as she was concerned he had stopped seeing them. Not telling her about Casey's lying turned out to be one of Adam's biggest regrets. One day the guy who was kind of like a leader to their group asked Casey for a favor. He wanted him to go handle a deal across town. Casey took it and made the trip, but when he got there the guy he was supposed to meet was murdered due to something unrelated to Casey. But he was witness, and predictably these guys wanted to make sure he wouldn't -- couldn't -- tell anyone. Casey managed to make it back to his home and didn't tell anyone what had happened. A week went by with Casey being utterly paranoid and scared before he decided to call Raymond, hoping he'd know what to do. He called him from a payphone one night and all his older brother could do was tell him to get out of town, because these people will find him and kill him. So Casey went home, waited until everyone was asleep, packed what he could and left, never looking back. Now he wanders from place to place, getting work where he can to put food in his stomach. He's a lost soul who never grew out of his naivety and is prone to getting talked into all kinds of things. His need for approval makes him very clingy to anyone who will show him the time of day. He doesn't like being on his own and usually ends up finding someone who will take him in, or just plain look out for him every now and then, because growing up in a full house and then suddenly being all alone was terrifying.

He wants someone to give him direction instead of finding it on his own, and that's his biggest weakness.

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